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PRE: Preserve, Research, Educate



Archivorum is a new organisation that opened in 2023.
Its focus will be on three main areas: library & archive, a space for residencies & public events as well as an educational & research space.

What distinguishes Archivorum from other art foundations/organisations is the commitment to spread archives as social resources of civil progress, as well as cultural growth.

Archivorum is a mental and geographical journey through the world of artists' archives, based on our innovative PRE philosophy:


  • Preserve: While not physically retaining artists' archives, Archivorum ensures their essence is captured, organized, and digitalized.

  • Research: Empower scholars and postgraduate students through grants, fostering a comprehensive study of artists' archives.

  • Educate: Engage the public through residencies, events, and the library, ensuring widespread access to the wealth of knowledge contained within artist archives.




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