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PRE: Preserve, Research, Educate

Established in 2023, Archivorum is revolutionizing the role of archives in society, focusing on three key areas: library & digital archives, cultural public events, and educational & research initiatives.

With Archivorum, we're redefining the way archives are perceived, transforming them from static collections into dynamic engines of social progress. We see archives as key drivers of cultural growth, fostering social progress and enhancing continuous learning and intellectual development.

Archivorum is a project that enlightens the world of artists' archives through its innovative PRE philosophy


  • Preserve: Archivorum digitally captures the essence of artists' archives, ensuring that their cultural legacy is both preserved and accessible.

  • Research: We provide grants to scholars and postgraduate students, fostering research and supporting the creation of digital archives dedicated to artists.

  • Educate: Through residencies, events, and workshops, we make knowledge about archives available and accessible to the public.


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