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Advent Calendar

Sustainability Edition

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Dear Friends,

Archivorum here, letting you know about the launch of our very own Archivorum Advent Calendar: Sustainability Edition!


That's right! This December, alongside the usual daily chocolate, Archivorum will be providing you a daily dose of sustainability by email.


24 days of sustainable news, gift-codes, interviews and projects... you won't want to miss a single day.  


Santa's ice is melting, and the reindeer are finding it harder to migrate over the summer. 

Help us save Christmas for future generations by merging that holiday spirit with some sustainability too! 


Don't want to end up on our naughty list? Make sure you open each day of the Advent calendar to qualify to receive a special present on the 24th! 


Sign up to receive the Archivorum Advent Calendar Sustainability Edition here

Merry Christmas! 

The Archivorum Team

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