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ArchivorumArk is a project aimed at creation of the digital archives of the artists and promoting archive as vital instrument in creative process and research.  

The mission of the project includes the following:

  • Preserving artists archives through a collaboration of German and International Artists;

  • Promoting cross-border cooperation in the field of art archives in Europe;

  • Introducing archives as part of cultural heritage;

In order to promote archives as a publicly available research tool, ArchivorumArk will support 3 successful postgraduates with its biennial grant program, producing our first trial of critical archive publications - an ode on the work produced by said artists, as well as further research.

Our biennial grant program intends to support critical research and diffusion through a series of publications on selected artists’ archives and exhibitions.


Alongside this initiative, Archivorum will create strong collaborations programs with local and international museums, universities, public institutions, other foundations, public archives, libraries and other charitable institutions to sustain partnerships based in Europe and the rest of the world. 

The Foundation will also encourage community engagement with local neighbours to stimulate them to participate in the activities promoted and to the bespoke program for interested users and visitors.

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