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In continuation of its commitment to the protection and promotion of artists and art-related publishing, Archivorum will be launching a series of artists' books called Archivorum×M. Archivorum×M involves artists and publishers from all over the world, with the aim of enhancing and disseminating their creativity through books. Here, the nature of a ‘book’ becomes a peculiar expression of the artists' creative production, yet also still an object of common use that can be disseminated more widely, accessible to all.

Archivorum×M aims to bear witness to art as an everyday experience, using books to widen art’s audience. Archivorum×M will be affirming art’s non-exclusivity; art is what is produced and intended for all human experience, not just what a gallery has chosen.

Archivorum has also provided the chance for each artist involved in the project to create a book in their own, unique way, sui generis. There is no restriction on subject, format or size; we want the artist to be able to experiment and explore, whichever direction they choose. This idea was based on Mario Merz's book “Voglio fare subito un libro” .

Artists are by definition innovative, creative and free souls; boundaries can be stifling to such spirits, and Archivorum would love to see what might transpire when boundaries are abandoned entirely!

Buy books

Screen Shot 2023-03-12 at 22.12_edited.png


by Buhlebezwe Siwani


EUR 30, -

Email us for details


Scott Mendes’s Pleonasm,

by Darren Bader


EUR 17, -

Email us for details

Screen Shot 2023-03-12 at 21.47.20.png

Scott Mendes's

Tinar Cadiägo,

by Darren Bader


EUR 17, -

Email us for details



by Iván Navarro


EUR 30, -

Email us for details


They Lifted Me Into The

Sun Again and Packed

My Skull With


by Jason Dodge


EUR 40, -

Email us for details


Walking Loaves,

by Luca Trevisani


EUR 25, -

Email us for details


The Pond Skater,

by Luís Lázaro Matos


EUR 56, -

Email us for details


A-A' , B-B'

by Simon Starling


EUR 50, -

Email us for details

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