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In our unwavering commitment to the preservation and advancement of artists and the art-related publishing industry, Archivorum embarks on a transformative journey with the introduction of Archivorum×M, a prestigious collection of artists' books. This pioneering project unites artists and publishers from around the world with a singular, overarching goal: to enrich and disseminate their creative visions through the medium of books. Archivorum×M stands out by redefining the traditional concept of a 'book' as an extraordinary expression of artists' creative output while maintaining its status as a universally accessible everyday object.


Building on this dedication, Archivorum×M endeavors to encapsulate art as an integral facet of daily life and utilizes books as a powerful means to broaden the horizons of art's audience. In doing so, Archivorum×M underscores the inclusive nature of art—it transcends the boundaries of gallery choices and becomes an essential part of the collective human experience.


Within this innovative initiative, Archivorum offers each participating artist a unique opportunity to craft a book in their distinctive, sui generis manner. With no restrictions on subject matter, format, or size, artists are granted the freedom to experiment and explore in any direction they choose, taking inspiration from Mario Merz's book, "Voglio fare subito un libro."


Furthermore, artists, by their very nature, epitomize innovation, creativity, and free-spiritedness. The removal of boundaries can lead to remarkable transformations, and Archivorum eagerly anticipates the extraordinary outcomes when these constraints are entirely abandoned.

We are delighted to announce that two of our publications have earned prestigious accolades. "The Pond Skater" by Luis Lázaro Matos has captured the hearts of both audiences and critics, earning significant recognition. In 2021, this exceptional work was awarded the title of "The Most Beautiful Swiss Book," reflecting its superb quality and innovative design. Furthermore, "A-A', B-B'" by Simon Starling has received the distinguished title of "The Most Beautiful Swiss Book" for the year 2022, a testament to its exceptional design and craftsmanship. These awards underscore our commitment to promoting works of remarkable aesthetic and cultural value.


To explore our meticulously curated selection of artist books, we invite you to visit the following link. Your journey into the world of Archivorum×M awaits: Artist's Books


Furthermore, Archivorum×M is honored to collaborate with a select group of niche art publishers who share our commitment to artistic exploration. These esteemed partners include:

  • About Books

  • Archive Books

  • Boabooks

  • Capricious

  • Cassandra Press

  • Cpress

  • Cura

  • Dashwood Books

  • Dent de Leone

  • Edition Fink

  • Edition Patrick Frey

  • Edition Taube

  • Fitzcarraldo Editions

  • Gagarin - the Artists in their Own Words

  • Gato Negro Ediciones

  • Gloria Glitzer

  • Hesse Press

  • Humboldt S.r.l.

  • Innen

  • Inventory Press

  • Jungle Book

  • Kodoji Press

  • Loose Joints

  • Loosetrife

  • MACULA Editions

  • Mörel Books

  • Motto Books

  • Nieves

  • Nero Editions

  • New Documents

  • Onomatopee

  • onestar press

  • Periodico

  • Primary Information

  • Simonett & Baer

  • Spheres Projects

  • Sobercove Press

  • Spector Books

  • Sternberg Press

  • The Ice Plant

  • Torpedo Press

  • Triangle Books

  • Tria publishing platform

  • Veneer Magazine

  • Valiz

  • Vexer Verlag

  • White Columns

  • Witte De With Center For Contemporary Art

  • Zavod P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E.

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