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Auction for Antarctica

From the 3rd of Jan (10am CET) to the 7th of Jan (10pm CET), bid on 26 photographs taken in the Antarctic Peninsula to support conservation and sustainability efforts in the area.


Studio 42 and Archivorum invite you to ‘Auction for Antartica’.

Click here to bid!

We have just released 14 new lots taken by Japanese photographer, videomaker and eclipse-chaser, Takayuki Arai. You can read about him here:

Make an account, and place a bid starting 10am CET tomorrow (the 3rd of January). You then have until 10pm CET on the 7th of January to secure your photograph! The winners will be sent signed prints to their desired destination.

The Peninsula is home to a vast array of beautiful and unique species, and we hope that these pictures are a testimony of this. Yet the entire Antarctican ecosystem, victim of our unsustainable and un-environmentally friendly behaviour on a worldwide scale, is now at risk.

100% of the proceeds from this auction will be donated to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, which supports the creation of marine protected areas and marine reserves to ensure that these wonderful species and the habitats that they depend on are fully protected.

We urge you to join us in our journey to support marine conservation by sharing this with your friends, placing a bid, or contacting us with your thoughts.

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