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Cascading Principles

Conrad Shawcross

Cascading Principles



Published by Mousse Publishing, in collaboration with Archivorum

Cascading Principles: Expansions Within Geometry, Philosophy, and Interference has been published to accompany Conrad Shawcross’ largest UK survey exhibition to date. The exhibition was the first held in the Mathematical Institute in Oxford, taking place over three floors inside and outside the building. Four lectures were held as part of the exhibition, all aimed at the cross- fertilisation of knowledge production between disciplines such as mathematics, quantum physics, philosophy, and art. 


The publication of this exhibition includes transcriptions and special contributions from all speakers alongside exhibition installation images and an essay by the curator, Fatoş Üstek. Contributors are: Prof. Martin Bridson, Chrystal Cherniwchan, Prof. Jon Keating, Maya B. Kronic, Liliane Lijn, Sir Roger Penrose, Emma Ridgway, Prof. Carlo Rovelli, Prof. Marcus du Sautoy, and Prof. James Sparks.

€ 35.00

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