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Circular Tension

Nil Yalter 

Circular Tension 



22 x 31 cm

Published by Mousse Publishing

sponsored by Archivorum

"Circular Tension" by Omar Kholeif delves into the remarkable life and work of Nil Yalter, a pioneering artist whose journey from Cairo and Turkey to France spans six transformative decades. Yalter's innovative projects, bridging various artistic disciplines, create a rich dialogue between form and content amidst complex sociopolitical landscapes.

Kholeif’s narrative, blending auto/biography with incisive critical texts, meticulously unpacks Yalter's exploration of ethnicity, diaspora, and feminism. Each page offers a fresh, immersive perspective on the evolving notions of gender and sexuality, illuminating the shifting cultural climate in France and beyond.

€ 30.00

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