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Pablo Bronstein




Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König, in collaboration with Archivorum

It is often said that each country gets the cuisine it deserves. As I have never left Neasden, a hamlet northwest of London, I unfortunately cannot bear witness to this. Much of my knowledge of food comes from a small library of books, from the supermarkets around the North Circular Road, and from my imagination, abetted by the sorcery of television chefs.

That I remain entirely ignorant of the subject should not hamper your reading of this book, however. Cuisine is a science that is constantly advancing. Therefore, any attempt to look at cooking from the point of view of aesthetic appreciation or historical investigation will hopefully find its place on the shelves as a worthy antidote to the forward thrust of culinary fashion.

This small publication cannot, of course, describe the principal role of food, which is in the creation of a food mountain ten miles high, and which I hear is of great beauty. What it proposes instead, as a paltry substitute, is an attempt through my palette of acrylic paints, at touring the ‘world on a plate’, which for here is a fantasy through the endless variety of perishable products and their method of making and serving.

€ 28.00

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