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Artist's Books

"A–A’, B–B’" by Simon Starling is a project where the unexpected pairing of a divided 18th-century painting by Tiepolo and a journeyed Fiat 125S forms a dynamic dialogue between opulence and simplicity.

After Life by Sam Falls, an innovative artist residing in New York, harmonizes art and nature, embracing the forces of sun, rain, and wind to mold his creations.

Land Mark by Iván Navarro is a mutable map of Manhattan where streets are renamed with body parts, depicting the city as a shifting human ecosystem.

Luhlaza by Buhlebezwe Siwani, meaning "green" or "raw" in isiXhosa, takes readers through a nostalgic exploration of memories tied to a simple bar of green soap from Buhlebezwe Siwani’s childhood in Gqeberha.

Scott Mendes's Tinar Cadiägo by Darren Bader is the culminating volume in Darren Bader's Scott Mendes Comic Book Trilogy, immersing readers in a narrative that oscillates between serene beaches and bustling amphitheatres, enriched by a blend of surrealism and graphic design.

Scott Mendes’s Pleonasm by Darren Bader guides readers through surreal landscapes from the future to present-day Manhattan, expertly meshing oddities and reflections with Darren Bader’s distinct storytelling style.

The Pond Skater by Luís Lázaro Matos intricately ties together diverse forms of art and storytelling to create immersive experiences that defy reality, providing viewers a clear, critical lens through which to examine the everyday.

They Lifted Me Into The Sun Again and Packed My Skull With Cinnamon, by Jason Dodge revolves around an installation where bells tuned to 440 hz resonate through the walls of a chalet.

Walking Loaves by Luca Trevisani is a contemplative journey through Luca Trevisani's reflections on bread, interpreted as a monumental technological advance.

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