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A Journey of Art and Dialogue: Exploring Babs Haenen’s World

As I boarded the plane bound for Amsterdam, I felt anticipation mixed with excitement. It wasn’t just another trip; it was an adventure into the unknown, with the promise of discovering something new. A journey into the creative world of the remarkable artist Babs Haenen.

Arriving in Amsterdam, I was greeted by a bustling Centraal Station. Among the crowd, I caught sight of Babs, a woman of small stature but with a big smile and a tremendous amount of energy. With her guidance, I didn’t get lost trying to find my way around, and soon we found ourselves strolling through the charming streets surrounding her studio.

Along the way, Babs started sharing her stories and I immediately felt her passion for art and creativity. Though I wanted to hear more, I knew I had to rest because tomorrow was a big day! I would finally get to see her artworks up close and personal at the Kunstmuseum of The Hague. And how lucky I was because after 2 days it was going to come to an end.

The following day, after a scenic train journey that started from Amsterdam and marvelling at the vast fields filled with tulips, we arrived at The Hague – another beautiful city, a lot quieter than Amsterdam, but equally mesmerizing. 

When we arrived at the museum, Babs guided me around the exhibition and explained how the curator, thoughtfully, had placed her artworks next to artworks from antique Chinese porcelain and how they came in dialogue with each other. I listened attentively to all her words about the Scholar’s Rock and how she got the inspiration to create these mysterious pieces, trying not to miss anything. I was hanging from her words, captivated by her ability to infuse her creations with a sense of mystery and wonder.

After my personal tour, with the artist Babs Haenen herself as my guide, she graciously introduced me to other artworks in the museum, each one offering a glimpse into her eclectic tastes and influences, be it an artwork or simply an artist she liked. But as with everything good, it sadly must come to an end.

I left the museum with a feeling of having caught a deeper glimpse of Babs Haenen’s genius and how unique her artworks are. As I bid farewell to Babs for the day, I looked forward to the next time I could visit another of her exhibitions, eager to embark on another journey into her world of imagination and inspiration.

Stay tuned for the next blog for another exciting story of Babs Haenen!

(づ ◕‿◕ )づ

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