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Not having seen Nil this week, I’m taking this opportunity to share with you a sample of photographs of Nil in her early adult life. Simple photos, taken discreetly, otherwise the result of a hurried capture: photographs nonetheless captivating. Recall, if you will, the charming photograph of Nil as a baby, captured in a Cairo studio in 1938. Now, let’s bend time and space again and go through a curated selection of biographical images, each one offering insight into Nil's life experiences. They serve as glimpses into the past, revealing the journey of a quick -witted artist who has traveled, dreamed, created, lived and enjoyed life extensively. May this post serve as a preview of the archives to come in our future database – exlcusive content!

Image 1: Nil and her mom, 1946

Image 2: Nil in Istanbul, 1960

Image 3: Nil in Istanbul, 1960

Image 4: Nil performing during a play, 1955

Image 5: Nil in 1956-57

Image 6: Nil working in Paris, 1979

Image 7: Nil in 1987

Image 8: Nil in Istanbul, 1956

Image 9: Nil in India, 1956-57

Image 10: Nil in India, 1956-57

Image 11: Nil in Iran, 1956

Image 12: Nil in Iran, 1956-57

Image 13: Nil working in Paris, 1983

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