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Names on Faces

This week was marked by Archivorum's presence in Paris, providing a wonderful opportunity to finally meet face-to-face with key members who have been closely involved with Nil and Archivorum since the inception of the project.

Image 1. Anaïs, Arianna and Stephen at Foundation Louis Vuitton, January 18th 2024

I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen, the fellow grantee who has been collaborating with artist Belén Uriel since November. He had just arrived from Brooklyn a few hours earlier. Our initial encounter took place at the Louis Vuitton Foundation, where Arianna also joined us. An impressive Rothko retrospective awaited us.

Image 2: Nil's video Shaman at Galerie Atlas , January 18th 2024

Undeterred by the freezing humidity of Paris, we then ventured to Galerie Atlas, where a new exhibition, Une terre décalée, was opening. On display were some of Nil Yalter's works, including her amazing performance video Shaman (1979). This marked the second occasion — the first being at Galerie Berthèt-Aittouarès with the exhibition Exile is a hard job — where I had seen Nil's work exhibited in a “white cube“ gallery setting. During the opening, I had the privilege of meeting Mayssah Fatouh and Salman Matinfar, the director and founder of the Ab-Anbar gallery, which represents Nil in London.

Image 3: Giacomo, Stephen, Arianna and I at Galleria Continua, January 19th 2024

The following day, around 11 am, we gathered at Galleria Continua located in the Marais. There, Stephen, Arianna, and I had the opportunity to explore three new exhibitions: Made in India featuring works by Leila Alaoui, Alejandro Campins' Sucedános, and an exhibition titled Scavengers showcasing drawings and paintings by the young artist Marta Spagnoli. It was a precious moment during which we chatted, espressos and teas in hand to warm up, with Lorenzo — whom I look forward to meeting again soon in Geneva —and Giacomo, manager of the gallery's Paris branch.

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