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Tangible Inspiration

Recently, I had the pleasure of vacationing to the southwest of the United States to New Mexico. While it was a worthwhile trip to get out of the big city, it felt all too familiar when I engaged with my favorite form of entertainment- tourist activities. From chasing down Breaking Bad filming locations, exploring Meow Wolf, or driving the enchanted circle, the desert of New Mexico brought a lot of sights, sounds, and memories. On one pit stop in Santa Fe, I was able to visit the rich and expansive artist communities and learned how the city became a hub of gallerists, artists, and patrons, rivaling the likes of New York and Los Angeles in the amount of showcases and galleries. Santa Fe was also the home of one of the most prolific female artists of the 20th Century, Georgia O’Keeffe, and the museum dedicated to her work resided downtown from where we were staying.

I have to admit, I am not the biggest O’Keeffe fan. However, I decided it would be foolish to not check out the artist who brought so much notoriety and prestige to the region. When people think of New Mexico, O’Keeffe is who comes to mind. The museum featured more of a collection of her unknown works. Instead of the flowers that she was known for, audiences were instead shown the desert’s wildlife through her eyes. From churches, mountain landscapes, and the trees surrounding the infamous “Ghost Ranch,” the work showcased and broke my misconceptions of the artist. However, my favorite aspect of the collection reminded me of my work with Belén- the artist’s personal materials. Next week, we’ll explore how the museum explored the life of the artist through her personal effects.

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