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The Art….of collecting Art

In the world of art, collectors play a very important role in preserving and celebrating artistic creation and passion. With their collections they not only beautify their spaces but also tell stories of passion, taste, and vision. Through my recent interviews with collectors of Babs Haenen’s artworks, I gained insight into the intricate process of building a collection and the profound motivation that drives them into collecting specific pieces.

For many collectors, the journey starts with an emotional connection to a piece that sparks a desire to own it. Whether it’s a painting that brings back memories, a sculpture that challenges their views, or a photograph that captures a fleeting moment, each acquisition is a choice reflecting the collector’s unique taste.

Image 1: Babs' artwork in collector's home

But collecting art is more than just acquiring pieces; it’s about finding meaning and purpose. Collectors often aim to create a narrative within their collections, bringing together diverse works that resonate with their personal experiences and values. This not only enriches their own living spaces but also complements their lifestyle and interaction with the cultural times they are living in.

Art collectors are also driven by a quest for knowledge and discovery. They dive deep into the art world, attending exhibitions, auctions, and gallery openings, always keen on learning about new artists, intriguing artistic movements, styles, and art pieces that attract their attention and interest.

Image 2: Babs' artwork in collector's home

One of the most compelling aspects of collecting art is its transformative power. For many, art is not just decoration but a source of profound enrichment. It offers solace in tough times – a bright note in the dreary everyday life – sparks creativity and fosters connections with like-minded individuals. Babs for example, holds “artistic meetings” with friends and collectors to discuss possible names for her new artworks and this way she also gets inspiration for future pieces.

Image 3: Babs and her friend collector

Overall, collecting art is a deeply personal and enriching journey—one that goes beyond ownership to become a lifelong exploration of beauty and self-expression. Through their collections, as well as the lending or the donation of those collections to museums, art collectors provide the foundations and a legacy that inspires future generations to discover meaning and truth through art.

Stay tuned for further reflections following my upcoming interviews with more art collectors to come! ヽ(•‿•)ノ

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