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The Interview, Part 4- Future of an Interview

Since 2017, Vanity Fair has conducted a yearly interview with the singer, Billie Eilish. The goal of this series of interviews was to track the rise in fame of the pop singer, as well as her developing personality as a younger artist. They title these interviews as “Same Interview” as they quite ask the same questions to the artist year after year. While a novel idea, and a great way concept of content for their online platform, the novelty of this type of interview is the ability of capturing the personality of the artist, as well as how her viewpoints and approach to her craft have changed throughout the years. 

Image 1: Vanity Fair's "Same Interview" with Billie Eilish throughout the years. Not only do they capture the changing ideas of the artist, but also the personal expression of her appearance, which only strengthens the archival need for interviews.

When I first thought of conducting the interview, I knew it would only be a snapshot of Belén’s current thoughts. However, my goal with the interview was to create a primary source document that future researchers and archivists can look at to understand the baseline of Belén’s work. As a younger artist herself, the idea of capturing Belén's evolving perspectives and insights at this particular moment in time is invaluable. As an artist, her thoughts and reflections are likely to change as she continues to expand her artistic practice. By conducting this interview, we are not only documenting her current mindset but also providing a reference point for how her ideas and contributions have evolved over time. While I don’t think a yearly three-hour interview with Belen is feasible, nor necessary, I do believe in the importance of frequent interviews, and hope that in the future another research may follow my steps and conduct another one.

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