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To Interview An Artist

As I’ve said previously, one of the benefits of starting this archive now is that our subject is still living! We currently have the opportunity to gain firsthand insights directly from the artist, but to do so we must first ask the right questions. That’s where the artist interview comes in- asking our questions about the practice now means they can be documented for future reference. By using the material I’ve already gathered, I’m able to research Belén’s work and practice more thoroughly. While the thought of bringing deep research directly to the subject might be intimidating, it helps establish a genuine and insightful dialogue, offering valuable perspectives into Belén's work that might otherwise be overlooked.

Recently, in order to keep the momentum of the project going, Belén and I have agreed to have weekly meetings. Every other week will be used for the interview questions. However, my approach is a little different. In my opinion, most artist interviews are a little stuffy. In line with my hope to capture her personality, I try to interview more casually and conversationally, rather than a formal cut and dry question and answer. Our first “Interview” meeting is this week, and I hope to encourage Belén to speak freely about her creative process. This approach allows for a more genuine and relaxed conversation, which I believe better reflects her personality and artistic style. By fostering this casual atmosphere, I aim to uncover the most authentic answers regarding her practice.

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