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Discover Archivorum:
Where Artists Shape Archives & Young Voices Bridge Time

Archivorum is please to invite you to the talk "Discover Archivorum: Where Artists Shape Archives and Young Voices Bridge Time". Join us in celebrating the fusion of generational insights and artistic expression with Archivorum, where young art experts and artists collaboratively bridge past, present, and future. Archivorum focuses on the creation of digital archives of artists' works, promoting the concept of the archive as an essential instrument in both the creative process and scholarly research. By digitizing and preserving artistic works, Archivorum ensures that the legacy of artists is accessible for future generations, providing a rich resource for ongoing inspiration and study.

The talk will be an interactive session with the artists and archivists, showcasing their collaborative project that exemplify the fusion of archival science and contemporary art.

Staring contemporary artists Babs Haenen, Belén Uriel and Nil Yalter, and Archivorum art archivists Anaïs Auger-Mathurin and Stephen Biegel. Moderated by Alice Rigo Saitta, editor at Archivorum.

Event Details

Date: January 27, 2024

Time: 16:00 - 17:00

Location: Art Talks booth at ArtGenève

Featuring Artists

  • Babs Haenen: Renowned for her vivid ceramic sculptures that dance between form and fluidity, Babs Haenen brings her rich experience to this event, showcasing how traditional materials can speak in modern tongues.

  • Belén Uriel: Known for her inventive use of everyday materials, Belén Uriel transforms the mundane into extraordinary art pieces, challenging our perceptions of the ordinary.

  • Nil Yalter: A pioneer in combining political themes with avant-garde art, Nil Yalter's work is a testament to the power of art in social discourse.

Archivorum Art Archivists

  • Anaïs Auger-Mathurin: With her deep knowledge of art history and passion for preservation, Anaïs plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between past treasures and future generations.

  • Stephen Biegel: An expert in digital archiving, Stephen brings a modern touch to the preservation of art, ensuring that the legacy of today's artists endures through time.



  • Alice Rigo Saitta: As the insightful editor at Archivorum, Alice Rigo Saitta will guide the conversation, weaving together the diverse perspectives and insights of the panelists.

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