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After seven months of beautiful adventure, we, sadly, have to announce that TEDx Archivorum will be taking a break in compliance with Countdown rules. The April Edition of TEDx Archivorum will be the last one for the time being, but don't despair! We will be back with new and amazing speakers in October 2021, to celebrate the Countdown Summit in Edinburgh.


We are very excited to announce the April Edition of TEDx Archivorum, the seventh event in our virtual series of talks, where international guests will join the Global Countdown to fight climate change together!​


The April Edition of TEDx Archivorum will take place on the 15th of April from 3.00 pm to 6.45 pm (CEST) on Zoom.

Click here to see the videos!

We invite you to discover our truly extraordinary guests. All of them are deeply committed to tackling climate change and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle:


Kate Shand

Zachary Nowak

Sam Collins

Passionate about education, Kate Shand founded Enjoy Education with the belief that bespoke education has the power to transform lives, in turn, enabling happy, confident, life-long learners. Her award-winning company provides advice, private tuition and home-schooling, helping over 5000 families across the globe since 2006. Enjoy Education is increasingly focused on thought leadership, combining design thinking, sustainability & experiential education to support students with climate awareness. Notably, Kate joined the Prime Minister, David Cameron, on his trade delegation to China in 2013.

Zachary Nowak received his PhD from Harvard University in 2018 and is currently a Lecturer there. He was the founding director of the Center for Food & Sustainability Studies at the Umbra Institute. Nowak's teaching and research is centred on urban agriculture, the history of food, and everyday ways the state is involved in people's lives.

Equality advocate, social entrepreneur, coach and author, Dr. Sam Collins has dedicated her life to empowering women all over the world through a mix of speaking events, consulting, coaching and mentoring. She is the founder of Aspire for Equality where she leads the team responsible for creating events and programming that are designed to promote individual, organizational and social change.


Matteo Ward

Sara Sozzani Maino

Marina Spadafora

Dr. Hakan Karaosman

Matteo Ward studied International Economics at Bocconi University and Business Sustainability at Cambridge. He is the CEO and co-founder of WRÅD, the innovative start-up and design company dedicated to sustainable innovation and social change. Prior to WRÅD, he pursued a 6-year career with Abercrombie and Fitch, where he covered the roles of Senior Manager and co-chair of the A&F Global Diversity and Inclusion Council. Matteo is also a member of Fashion Revolution Italia, and is considered a public speaker of international acclaim (UNECE, TED, WIRED). 

Sara Sozzani Maino is the Head of Vogue Talents, Deputy Director of Vogue Italia, the International Brand Ambassador for Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, and judges several fashion competitions. Notably, she has collaborated with YOOX on their sustainability-focused, Vogue Yoox Challenge. Indeed, The Vogue Talents 2019 February issue was dedicated to sustainability and titled “The New Frontiers of Awareness”, representing a tool for the new generation to become more conscious of what is currently happening in the field of fashion sustainability.

Marina Spadafora is a Fair Fashion ambassador, a professor of ethical fashion, and has collaborated with extensive brands. Her work has always included a strong focus on social issues and ecology, believing that ethics and aesthetics can coincide. She aims to bring development to emerging countries through her platform “Fashion with a Mission”. Marina is the Italian coordinator of Fashion Revolution and, in 2015, received the United Nations Women Together Award. In 2020, she wrote the book “The revolution starts from your wardrobe”. 

Dr. Hakan Karaosman (PhD) is a social scientist, who focuses on environmental and social justice in and across fashion supply chains. He is the Chief Scientist at FReSCH (Fashion's Responsible Supply Chain Hub), an action research project awarded by the European Commission Research Executive Agency and hosted by University College Dublin. Hakan is currently serving on the boards of IPSERA (International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association), STOF (State of Fashion) and UCRF (the Union of Concerned Researchers in Fashion).

Please get involved directly or indirectly with our TEDx Archivorum initiative and let us know about potential solutions, local projects and community efforts that you personally fight for every day or are aware of. An idea is exponentially magnified when people talk, discuss and brainstorm from different perspectives.


How can we as individuals, communities & organizations contribute to shaping

a better future?

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*This event is the launch of an initiative that will then extend into 2021 and beyond.

*You can sign up to receive updates on the Countdown website, click here

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