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Our TEDx Archivorum November Edition was both incredibly successful and inspiring. We would like to thank all of our guests, speakers & other participants for their precious contributions!

Now, we are very excited to announce the December Edition of TEDx Archivorum! 

TEDx Archivorum will be returning on December 17th, with four speakers from 3 pm to 6.45 pm (CET) on Zoom.

We are honoured to have some truly exceptional guests this month, deeply committed to fighting climate change and promoting sustainability, always striving to achieve significant & tangible changes in the world


Oscar Di Montigny

Oscar is President of FLOWE, Chief Innovability & Value Strategy Officer of Banca Mediolanum and an expert in Innovative Marketing, Relational Communications and Corporate Education. He is a passionate and motivating public speaker, often invited to participate in international forums and events.

Click here to watch the video


Renée A. Vassilos

Director of Agriculture Innovation for The Nature Conservancy, Renée is an Agricultural Economist, a recognized critical thinker on how innovation will transform agribusiness and the farm. Her expertise ranges from business development strategy, and market intelligence, to product development.

Click here to watch the video


Conrad Shawcross

Conrad works with light and geometry to highlight the limits of perception and our reality. He creates mechanical sculptures and installations with diverse materials, highlighting scientific laws and demonstrating their abstract nature by exploring subjects that are informed by physics, geometry, philosophy.

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Andrea Crosta

Andrea is the Director and Founder of Earth League International (ELI). He is among the founding members of the Wildlife Justice Commission, a Member of the Board of The Africa Conservancy Foundation, and the creator and project manager of WildLeaks, the world's first wildlife crime whistleblower initiative. Andrea is also instrumental in the Netflix's documentary 'The Ivory Game' and of the NatGeo documentary 'Sea of Shadows'.

Click here to watch the video

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Please get involved directly or indirectly with our TEDx Archivorum initiative and let us know about potential solutions, local projects and community efforts that you personally fight for every day or are aware of. An idea is exponentially magnified when people talk, discuss and brainstorm from different perspectives.


How can we as individuals, communities & organizations contribute to shaping

a better future?

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*This event is the launch of an initiative that will then extend into 2021 and beyond.

*You can sign up to receive updates on the Countdown website, click here

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