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We are very excited to announce the March Edition of TEDx Archivorum, the sixth event in our virtual series of talks, where international guests will join the Global Countdown to fight climate change together!​


Countdown is an attempt to bring together anyone who wants to better understand or do something about the single biggest crisis we face: climate change.

Despite the pandemic’s harmful economic and social effects, our climate crisis has not lost its urgency. It is our obligation to engage on a path that does not bring us back to "normal" ("normal" is what got us here) but that projects us towards something "better”. 


The March Edition of TEDx Archivorum will take place on the 11th of March from 3.00 pm to 6.45 pm (CET) on Zoom. 


Click here to see the videos!


We are extremely proud to be able to present you with some truly exceptional guests. All of them are profoundly committed to mitigating climate change, implementing sustainability, and continuously striving to achieve significant, lasting changes in the world.


Leon Aarts

From top chef and food entrepreneur, to mentor, author and the founder of three charities; Leon now devotes most of his time to  ‘With Compassion’, the charity he founded at the beginning of 2020, cooking and delivering meals to London’s most vulnerable people. This initiative is highly aligned with his guiding ethos: ‘no-one should go to bed hungry’. Since its nascence, With Compassion has cooked 600,000 meals using surplus food, saving over 300 tons of food from going to landfill.


Uma Mishra-Newbery

Uma is a global social justice and women’s rights leader, transformative speaker, and the former Executive Director of Women’s March Global. Uma has built coalitions around: women’s human rights’ defenders, freedom of association & assembly, bodily autonomy, LGBTQIA+ rights, and the issue of white supremacy in the women’s rights & funding space. Uma currently serves on the board of directors of Minority Veterans of America and is the initiator, and lead facilitator, for   The Racial Equity Index.


Eunjung Chai

(pen name: Seh-lynn)

The South Korean author, Eunjung Chai (pen name: Seh-lynn), capitalizes on her multinationally layered identity to build the foundation of her work, writing about aspects of the Korean culture little known to the western world. In her first book, Deux Coréennes, she powerfully vocalises the story of a North Korean refugee and the impact she has had on the author herself. The book reveals how two women, different on the surface, manage to trust in, and learn from, one another, coalescing into a beautiful message of ‘hope and peace’. 


Sophie Jama Malindi

Sophie Jama Malindi is a women empowerment and social justice leader. After a 14 year career in the United Nations, Sophie began pursuing her individual calling: sharing her journey of being a young Ethiopian refugee, separated from her parents, integrating her own story within a narrative of change. Sophie aims to heal inter-generational wounds by speaking the ‘unspeakable’, breaking the narrative of silence. She is currently writing a book, Soul Child: Speaking the Unspeakable. 

Please get involved directly or indirectly with our TEDx Archivorum initiative, and let us know about potential solutions, local projects and community efforts that you personally fight for every day or are aware of. An idea is exponentially magnified when people talk, discuss and brainstorm from different perspectives!


How can we as individuals, communities and organizations contribute to shaping

a better future?

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*This project will extend throughout this year and beyond

*You can sign up to receive updates on the Countdown website, click here

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