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Our first TEDx Archivorum event has been successful and very inspiring.

We would like to thank all our guests, speakers & participants for their precious contribution. 

We are very excited to announce the second edition of TEDx Archivorum! 

This time, there will be one TEDx Archivorum event with four speakers from 3 pm to 6.45 pm (CET) 

Truly exceptional guests will join us. All of them are profoundly committed to climate change, sustainability, always striving to achieve significant & tangible changes in the world. 


Laura Huertas Millán

Laura is a French-Colombian filmmaker and visual artist, whose practice stands at the intersection between cinema, contemporary art and research.  Entwining ethnography, ecology and historical enquiries, her work engages with strategies of survival, resistance and resilience against violence. 

Click here to watch the video


Alisée de Tonnac

Alisée de Tonnac is CEO and Co-Founder of Seedstars World, a global start-up competition aiming to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship.

Click here to watch the video


Antonio Garufi

Antonio Garufi is a portfolio manager and equity analyst at DECALIA Asset Management, based in Geneva where he manages the DECALIA Circular Economy fund.

Click here to watch the video


Ryan Hagen

Ryan is the founder of a global sustainability community called Crowdsourcing Sustainability created to educate, connect and ultimately unleash the power of people around the world to help reverse climate change. His goal is to help eliminate greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible for a safer, healthier and more just world.

Click here to watch the video

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Please get involved directly or indirectly with our TEDx Archivorum initiative and let us know about potential solutions, local projects and community efforts that you personally fight for every day or are aware of. An idea is exponentially magnified when people talk, discuss and brainstorm from different perspectives.


How we as individuals, communities & organizations can contribute to shaping

a better future?

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*This event is the launch of an initiative that will then extend into 2021 and beyond.

*You can sign up to receive updates on the Countdown website, click here

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