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Archivorum is pleased to announce our initiative in collaboration with TEDx Countdown. 


From the 16th to the 18th of October, Archivorum will launch TEDx Archivorum, a circle of virtual events where international guests join the Global Countdown to fight climate change together!

Countdown is an attempt to bring together anyone who wants to better understand or do something about the single biggest crisis we face: climate change. Despite the pandemic’s harmful economic and social effects, our climate crisis has not lost its urgency. It is our obligation to engage on a path that does not bring us back to "normal" ("normal" is what got us here in the first place) but that projects us towards something "better”. Please join us on this incredible three-day journey towards a sustainable future! 

Countdown has launched on the 10th October 2020: a 5-hour, free livestream on YouTube which was featured by talks, interviews, animations, performances and more.

Alongside the main event, Archivorum will work on crafting a TEDx Archivorum circle that allowed everyone take part in a world of discussion and encounters, bringing together different groups to investigate how we can act, both individually and collectively.
The broader the mix the wider the impact”!

On the 16th of October we will begin with our first TEDx Archivorum circle, in collaboration with the poetry imprint Fivehundred places. Two 45-minutes sessions featuring: 

- CAConrad, one of the greatest poetic minds of our century. CAConrad over the past decades has developed a practice called (soma)tic ritual and ecopoetics. 

Click here to watch the video 
- Jorge Pardo, a Cuban American artist and sculptor. Pardo's oeuvre explores the historical intersections of fine art, architecture and design to create a highly individual body of work.

Click here to watch the video 

On the 17th of October we will continue with our second TEDx Archivorum circle, with two 45-minutes sessions featuring: 

- Tristram Stuart, TED veteran, critically acclaimed author, activist & philanthropist. 

Click here to watch the video 

- Céline Fribourg, creator and Director of Éditions Take 5, Geneva. She is an expert publisher. She founded Éditions Take5, in order to publish artists' books that bring together the greatest talents in art, literature and contemporary design. 

Click here to watch the video 

On the 18th of October we will continue with our third TEDx Archivorum circle, with two 45-minutes sessions featuring: 

- Iván Navarro, a Chilean artist who works with light, turning objects into electric sculptures. His work is certainly playful, but is also haunted by questions of power. 

Click here to watch the video 
- Francesco Vezzoli, whose work explores the power of contemporary popular culture. By closely emulating formats of various media, such as advertising & film. He addresses ongoing preoccupations with the fundamental ambiguity of truth.

Click here to watch the video 

The two slots will be at the following times daily: 
 5:00-5:45 pm CEST 
 5:45-6:00 pm CEST Intermezzo

- During the intermezzo we will show inspiring art videos and part of a documentary -
 6:00-6:45 pm CEST

Please get involved directly or indirectly with our TEDx Archivorum initiative and let us know about potential solutions, local projects and community efforts that you personally fight for every day or are aware of. An idea is exponentially magnified when people talk, discuss and brainstorm from different perspectives.

How we as individuals, communities & organizations can contribute to shaping a better future!

The Countdown is on!

This event is the launch of an initiative that will then extend into 2021 and beyond.

You can sign up to receive updates on the Countdown website, click here

Find here all the details of TEDx Archivorum:


For Social Media, please find here our Facebook event and our IG Account


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