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Try and Treasure

Babs Haenen

Try and Treasure



Published by Jap Sam Books, in collaboration with Archivorum

Babs Haenen, born in 1948, is a distinguished ceramic artist. Unlike many ceramicists who rely on the traditional potter's wheel, Haenen rejected this conventional approach, instead embracing and mastering alternative techniques and forms.

From the beautiful appreciation by Maarten Asscher 'Unchaining the Form: On Babs Haenen's Ceramic Art' for this new publication

“The artistic development of Babs Haenen, from her earliest vases in the 70's, via her energetic, rich, and expressive vessels and pots, and journeying through her archipelago of scholar's rocks, right up to her more recent architectural and spatial work, suggests that in her hands ceramic art does not aspire to any other condition than its own characteristic idiom of creative, technical and stylistic possibilities. Her work has the agility of music, it is no less pictorial than painting and its eloquence is as memorable as any poem, and I bless the day, now some 40 years ago, that I first set eye on one of her vases.“

€ 40.00

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