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Rediscovering the Ceramic Art of Babs Haenen: A Journey Through 44 Years of Artistic Brilliance

Updated: Apr 5

As an artist with a background in archaeology, my journey into the world of ceramics feels like a homecoming of sorts. Having worked with ancient ceramic art in the field, I am beyond excited to commence this exploratory journey to discover Babs Haenen’s life and art. It’s a fusion of my passions – archaeology and art – coming together in a celebration of creativity and human ingenuity. Moreover, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to be part of such an inspiring project, the ArchivorumArk, where I collaborate with colleagues from all corners of the world, connecting with great artists like Babs Haenen. This endeavour represents a convergence of diverse perspectives and talents, all united in our shared mission to preserve and celebrate the richness of artistic heritage. As I embark on this digital archive project, my first task is to collect all the archives that Babs deems important or possessing artistic value – whether they be ceramic artworks, books, photographs, or other artefacts. This meticulous process lays the foundation for a comprehensive exploration of Babs’ journey, providing the raw materials necessary to craft a critical publication that captures the essence of her artistic brilliance. In the coming months, I anticipate immersing myself in Babs’ world, unravelling the threads of inspiration and innovation that weave through her prolific career. From her early experiments to her latest triumphs, each piece holds a story waiting to be told – a narrative of passion, perseverance and boundless creativity.

But this project is more than just an academic endeavour; it is a labour of love aimed at disseminating the experience and artistic journey of Babs Haenen with as many people as possible. Through exhibitions, publications and digital platforms, we will share her story with the world, inviting audiences to join us on a voyage of discovery through the realms of imagination and possibility. In closing, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey into the artistic endeavours and learnings in the life and work of Babs Haenen. Together, lets rediscover the beauty of ceramic art and inspire others through a lifetime of stories, experiences and creativity.

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